Sorbase Tokensale

Please select your preferred cryptocurrency for payment:

Current exchange rate: 0.002 ETH = 1.5 SOR 50% bonus
Tokens will be sent back to wallet address you paid from. Please ensure that wallet address supports ERC20 standard.


Tokensale is a type of crowdfunding that allows to issue digital tokens in exchange for cryptographic currency. These tokens could give holders some benefits usually described in the crowdfunding Whitepaper.
Participants need to visit website and click on “Join Token Sale” button. After that, participant needs to input valid email address (please double check email address), choose cryptocurrency for payment, input valid and correct ERC20 standard wallet address where Sorbase should send Sorbase tokens, accept “Terms and Conditions”, check reCaptcha and click on “Participate” button. Sorbase will send confirmation email with details for making payment. Always use your personal ERC20 standard wallet which is fully under your control to receive Sorbase tokens (for example MyEtherWallet). You will receive your tokens on distribution date. Detailed description on how to purchase “Sorbase” tokens is available at
ERC20 standard tokens will be distributed among participants on distribution date. Distribution date is available at in Tokensale section.
  • on the first day of the crowdfunding, 1.20 tokens will be provided for the equivalent of every 0.002 ETH which are transfered;
  • on the first week - 1.15 tokens will be provided for the equivalent of every 0.002 ETH which are transfered;
  • on the second week - 1.10 tokens will be provided;
  • on the third week - 1.05 tokens will be provided;
  • on the fourth week - 1 token will be provided;
Sorbase may decide concerning other bonuses that may be applied during the Crowdfunding.
Yes. Sorbase: MyTokens is available here. Please enter secret key received by email and click "Access" to enter.
Due to “KYC” ("Know Your Customer") regulations and anti-money laundering laws we are required to know some basic information about participants. We do not sell or share your information with anyone else. Privacy Policy applies. You can start verification process by going to, providing secret key and clicking on "Start verification" button.
You can contact us by writing an email to [email protected]